Configuring PowerPoint templates

Applies to JungleDocs for SharePoint 2010-2019.
For a similar tutorial for JungleDocs for Office 365, click here.

In order to be able to use JungleDocs to generate PowerPoint presentations, you must have a library with a content type that uses a PowerPoint document as a template. To do this, you can add a content type that has a PowerPoint Presentation document template assigned to it, or create a library that already has a PowerPoint presentation document template. In this tutorial, follow the steps to learn the second method.

Step 1: create a SharePoint document library


If you already have a SharePoint template assigned to a JungleDocs rule, skip to Step 3.

1. Open your site, click Settings > Add an app. Then, select Library.

2. Select Document Library.

3. Click Advanced Options.

3. Under Document Template, select Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.

Step 2: create a JungleDocs rule

1. Navigate to the list that you will use as a source to create PowerPoint presentations, and select the items with metadata that you want to use in your presentation.

2. Open JungleDocs from the ribbon. Select the From existing tab and click New From Existing rule.

3. Under Save location, select Save to list or library and specify the location of the library where you want the new presentation to be stored. Select other settings and click OK.

Step 3: configure a PowerPoint document template

1. Select the rule you previously created, and click Edit template. Leave the template opened and move to the next step.

2. In rule settings, click Edit From Existing rule, then click Generate sample document.

All placeholders for the Presentation content type will be listed in the sample document. Simply copy those placeholders into your presentation template and they will be replaced with data from your SharePoint list upon generation.

Here's an excerpt from the sample document:

3. After pasting the content controls and (or) additional editing of the template, click File > Save.

To learn more about merging SharePoint metadata into JungleDocs templates, please refer to this guide.

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