Enabling workflow actions

JungleDocs has a number of built-in workflow actions that will help you automate your document creation. The easiest way to use JungleDocs workflows is by using SharePoint designer. In order to access these JungleDocs Workflows in the SharePoint designer, you will first have to activate the feature on web application scope. Let's begin.

1. Enable JungleDocs Workflow Activities

The JungleDocs workflow activities feature is web-application scoped. This means that you can enable it in the Central Administration. Let's get started. 

1. Open your Central Administration.

2. Now go to Application Management and click Manage web applications.

3. Select a web application that you need workflow actions for and click Manage Features.

4. In the pop-up window find EnovaPoint JungleDocs Workflow Activities and click Activate if it is not already activated:

5. Now that you have done this you will be able to access JungleDocs workflow actions.

2. Access JungleDocs workflow actions

Now that you have activated JungleDocs Workflow Activities, you can start creating workflows using SharePoint Designer.

1. To create a workflow, start SharePoint designer. 

2. Now open your site and go to Workflows. 

3. To create a new workflow, click List Workflow from the ribbon.

4. Select a list or library in which you will need this workflow to run. 

5. Enter a name and description for your Workflow and set its platform type to SharePoint 2010 Workflow.

Note: it is important to set the Platform Type of your workflow to SharePoint 2010 Workflow because currently JungleDocs workflow actions only work as SharePoint 2010 workflows.

6. Once you have created a workflow, you can easily access the JungleDocs actions from the ribbon.

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