Creating Task reports

Applies to JungleDocs for SharePoint 2010-2019.
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In JungleDocs, you can easily generate Word reports for SharePoint task lists. 


This tutorial only shows the configuration of a Word template. To make the reports work, you need to know how to use content controls, rules and templates in JungleDocs. A good place to start are the following articles:

Template configuration

In this example, we are creating a report on a three-level task list. Here's the list in SharePoint:


To retrieve the first-level tasks, use the ReportItems function. To retrieve tasks below the first level, use the FindItems function.

1st level tasks: OrderBy(FilterItems(ReportItems; "ParentID"; NULL); "Order")

2nd level tasks: IfEmpty(OrderBy(FindItems(ListUrl; "ParentID"; ID); "Order"); DeleteControl())

3rd level tasks: IfEmpty(OrderBy(FindItems(ListUrl; "ParentID"; ID); "Order"); DeleteControl()

Here's the resulting document:

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