Caching to improve lookup performance

This article describes how you can accelerate the generation of documents that include multiple references to SharePoint lookup columns.


JungleDocs and later versions automatically add SharePoint list items to the cache and reuse them in lookup requests. No user input is required. Auto-caching can dramatically improve performance if you are heavily using lookups in the document, especially if those lookups refer to the same items.

Preloading items manually

In addition to automatic caching, you can manually specify SharePoint list items to be preloaded to the cache by modifying JungleDocs rule settings. Take the following steps:

1. In JungleDocs, go to rule settings.

2. Click Advanced Settings at the bottom of the pop-up window.

3. Under Performance tuning. Cache items, enter the CacheItems function. This function has the following syntax:


The recordSet argument is any command that returns a recordset of SharePoint items (e.g., GetView()). You can use several functions at once, separated by a line break. In the example, two different lists are specified to be preloaded to the cache. 

3. Click OK to save the settings. The function is copied to the hidden XML part of the generated document and is activated whenever you run the rule or use the “Update Document Content from SharePoint” command.


  • Cache scope is a single document generation. Cache is shared between the entire document and all repeated sections.
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