Template editing and storing

Applies to JungleDocs for SharePoint 2010-2019.
For a similar tutorial for JungleDocs for Office 365, click here.

Templates are at the core of JungleDocs functionality. Before working on templates, we recommend creating an optimal content type structure. However, even if you do not use content types you will still be able to modify document templates.

To modify an existing template

1. Go to the source list or library that you will use to create your documents, and open JungleDocs.

2. Click on the drop-down menu arrow next to the rule containing the template you want to edit, and click Edit template.

3. Edit the template and save the changes.

To modify a custom template

1. In the JungleDocs dashboard, click on the drop-down menu arrow next to the rule containing the template you want to edit, and click Edit From Existing rule (or Edit Base rule for rules in the New tab, or Edit Report rule for rules in the Reports tab).

2. In the Document template section, select Custom template and click Manage custom template.

3. Enter the template URL or browse to it in your storage, then, click OK.


Uploaded document templates are included in the current list’s configuration. Therefore, they will be exported together with the list if you decide to save it as a template.

Template storage tips

The best way to store templates is in a single SharePoint location. This will allow you to easily manage all the templates you have, and assign them to content types. This has multiple benefits, whether you are using a default template or a custom one:

  • You can ensure that only the latest version of the template is being used;
  • You can easily search and migrate templates; you can even do a simple drag and drop in Explorer view to move them all;
  • You can manage who may edit templates by managing permissions on a single location. In turn, you can easily monitor who works with the templates.

Read more about template management best practices in our blog post.

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