IfEmpty function

This article describes the formula syntax and usage of the IfEmpty function in JungleDocs.


Returns a user-defined value if a test value is empty. Returns the test column value or another user-defined value if the test value is not empty.


IfEmpty(testValue; trueValue; [falseValue])

The IfEmpty function syntax has the following arguments:

  • TestValue   Required. The value that JungleDocs will check against. If it is not empty, it is be displayed, unless specified otherwise by FalseValue.
  • TrueValue   Required. The value that is displayed if TestValue is empty.
  • FalseValue   Optional. The value that is displayed if TestValue is not empty.


You can use virtually any expression as TestValue and T rueValue :

  • a SharePoint column name
  • recordset
  • a constant value (e.g., static text)
  • a formula


IfEmpty(Title; "Item has no title") 

Returns Item has no title if the Title field is empty. If it isn't, the Title field value will be displayed. 

IfEmpty(Title; "Item has no title"; "Item has a title")

Returns Item has no title if the Title field is empty. If it isn't, Item has a title will be displayed. 

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