Sum function

This article describes the formula syntax and usage of the Sum function in JungleDocs.


Returns the sum of values from a SharePoint list column.


Sum(recordSet; fieldTitle)

The Sum function syntax has the following arguments:

  • RecordSet   Required. Any command that returns a list of items (e.g., GetView).
  • FieldTitle   Required. The title of the field with values you want to sum.


Let's say you have a TimeSheet list's AllItems view that contains numeric values in the Total field:

Here are the examples of how you can use the Sum function:

Sum(GetView("TimeSheet"; "AllItems"); "total") 

Sums values by the Total field.

Sum(GetView("TimeSheet"; "AllItems"; "Title"; "anthony"); "total")

Sums values matching anthony in the Title field by the Total field.

You can also sum field values for a particular company using GetView with dynamic view, for example:

Learn more about GetView function and dynamic view.

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