Creating grouped view reports

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Grouped views are useful to present data in a tidy and structured way in SharePoint, so need different Word template configuration. In this JungleDocs tutorial, you will learn how to configure grouped view reports.

Template configuration

Before proceeding with this tutorial, create a grouped view in SharePoint. To export such a view while preserving group structure, you have to create a repeated section inside a content control. To do this, take the following steps.

1. Open your document template and insert a table with two rows.

2. Select the table. On the Developer tab, click on the Rich T ext Content Control button.


If the Developer tab is not displayed, click File> Options > Customize Ribbon, check the Developer box and click OK.

3. Click Properties. In the Tag (required) and Title (optional) fields, enter the following formula:

GetView("List Name";"View Name"). 4. Select the whole second row of the table and add another Rich Text content control on it.

5. Click Properties. In the Tag and Title fields, enter the following function: GroupItems

If you want each group of items to have a title, select the first row and add another content control, with the GroupTitle tag in it.

6. Inside the second row cells, add content controls for the Grouped view columns that you want to be included in the report. We recommend to use column internal names instead of external ones.

The final result:


The GetView function links the repeated section with a specified list view. Therefore, if you want to export several grouped views, you have to use a separate GetView function for each of them.

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