Merging multiple PowerPoint documents into one

Applies to JungleDocs for SharePoint 2010-2019.
For a similar tutorial for JungleDocs for Office 365, click here.

In JungleDocs you can easily merge multiple PowerPoint files into one. The setup process is very similar to Word document merging using Small Parts with JungleDocs.

1. Create a Small Parts library

1. Open your site and click Settings > Add an app.

2. Select Document Library.

3. Enter the library name and click Advanced Options.

4. Under Document Template, select Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.

5. Now create folders in this library and copy the slides into the folders according to the topic. We recommend creating one PowerPoint slide per file (you can have multiple files per folder, though).

2. Configure a PowerPoint template

Now you need to modify the main PowerPoint document template to point to the Small Parts folders.

1. Open a PowerPoint template assigned to your JungleDocs rule.

2. On the Click to add title field, enter Small Part: FolderName to create a reference to a particular Small Part slides folder (e.g., Small Part: Introduction).

  • Unlike in Word, there are no content controls in PowerPoint. So you simply write the text in a slide. Use one slide per one Small Part Folder.
  • You should only use the Title text box to enter references to Small Parts folders.

3. Save template changes.

3. Configure a JungleDocs rule

1. Create a new SharePoint library where you want to save PowerPoint documents created with Small Parts.

2. Create a content type containing the configured template and required columns.

3. Add the content type to the library.

4. In the library, open JungleDocs from the ribbon. On the New tab, you will see all available rules based on the library content types.

5. Click the drop-down menu arrow next to the rule that uses the newly created content type, then click Edit Base rule.

6. Under Specify small parts library location, click Browse and navigate to the library.

7. Edit other settings if needed and save the rule. Notice the changed rule icon indicating that Small Parts are used in this rule.

8. Click on the rule, select the checkboxes of Small Parts you want to include in the presentation, and click OK to generate it.

Although one slide in the content type template refers to one Small Part folder, that folder may contain tens of documents (slides). You will be able to include all of them (or only selected ones) in the presentation at once by clicking the checkboxes. This is how you can use one template to create custom presentations much faster than copy-pasting.

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