GetItemByUrl function

Applies to JungleDocs for SharePoint 2010-2019.
For a similar tutorial for  JungleDocs for Office 365, click here.

This article describes the formula syntax and usage of the GetItemByUrl function in JungleDocs.


Retrieves items or documents by their URL address from a SharePoint list or library.



The GetItembyUrl function syntax has the following arguments:

  • fileUrl   Required. The URL address of the item or document.


  • In contrast with some other functions (e.g., GetView), this function returns only one item.
  • After you specify the URL, you need to specify the item properties that you want JungleDocs to display (e.g., creation date or title). You can do this by adding content controls inside the main content control. Usually, this is done in a Word table (see example).


In the example below, the GetItemByUrl function is used in a Word table to display several properties of a PDF file and to embed the file itself. The function is used in the main content control on the table row, and the additional content controls are inserted into table cells.

Here's the result:

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