Using From Existing rules

Applies to JungleDocs for SharePoint 2010-2019.
For a similar tutorial for JungleDocs for Office 365, click here.

In this tutorial you will learn:

  • What From Existing rules are
  • How to create From Existing rules
  • How to use From Existing rules to create documents

About From Existing rules

From Existing rules let you use the metadata of a selected list item to create a new document or list item in JungleDocs. In other words, a From Existing rule is a command to create a specific document or list item by using the data present in a specific list or document(s).

Things to know about From Existing rules:

  • They can be found under the From Existing tab in JungleDocs
  • They use selected documents/items for creating new documents
  • They can be configured to work in tandem with Small Parts (configured via a Base rule)

To create a From Existing rule

1. On the  From Existing tab in JungleDocs, click New From existing rule.

2. In the pop-up window, configure the new rule. Below you can see some of the configuration options.

Target location and Base rule

Select whether documents created using this Rule will be saved to a list or library or should be downloaded.

Also, select the Base rule you want to use for this rule. It will take the configuration from this rule.

Document template

Here you will select the document template that, when running the rule, will be filled with Small Parts to create a new and unique document.

Either select the document template that is assigned to the base rule template, or upload one that you created specifically for this rule.

Copy column values

Decide what column values you want to be copied into the new document.

Set column values

Decide what column values you want to be copied into the new document. Here you can merge the data from different columns for your new file or use mail merge to create new data.
Here are some examples of formulas you could enter here and the results they will give you:

  • Formula: Title Result: "Test Document"
  • Formula: Price * Amount Result: 500 (Note: Price and Amount are columns of the source item. Price is 100 and Amount is 5)
  • Formula: Price + DeliveryCosts Result: 110(Note: Price and DeliveryCosts are columns of the source item. Price is 100 and DeliveryCosts is 10)

5. Once you have configured your new From Existing rule, click OK to save it. Now you will be able to select the new rule from the From Existing tab in JungleDocs.

Using a From Existing rule

1. Navigate to the library or list where you want to create your new documents/list items.

2. Select the documents/list items you want to use data from to create your new list items/documents.

3. Open JungleDocs and select the From Existing rule to run it.

4. Select the parts you want to be included in your document and click OK.

5. In the pop-up window, overview and edit the metadata of the document that will be created. Most of the fields will have been filled in by JungleDocs already, as pre-configured in the rule.

  1. Click Save and the new document will be generated and stored on your SharePoint (or downloaded, depending on the rule settings).
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