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Applies to JungleDocs for SharePoint 2010-2019.
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This article describes the formula syntax and usage of the TakeColumnsFromView function in JungleDocs.


Returns column names and values from a specified SharePoint view.


TakeColumnsFromView(recordSet; viewTitleOrUrl)

The TakeColumnsFromView function syntax has the following arguments:

  • recordSet   Required. Any function that returns a set of items (e.g., GetView, FindItems, ReportItems)
  • viewTitleOrUrl   Required. A view title or URL address.


TakeColumnsFromView(ReportItems; ViewA1)

Returns column names and values from the ViewA1.

TakeColumnsFromView(FindItems("Contacts"; "Company"; "Contoso"); "AllCompanies")

Returns column names and values from the AllCompanies view in the Contacts list, filtered by Contoso in the Company column.

Using TakeColumnsFromView in a template

Let's say you have a SharePoint list configured like this:

If you simply want to retrieve all the column names and values from the view, create a repeated section and enter ReportItems in a content control set on the table row, with the following result:

However, if you want to retrieve values from the Custom View (which has only three columns), enter TakeColumnsFromView(ReportItems; "CustomView").

The result:

You may also want JungleDocs to group column names and values by the Content Type values. To do so, you will need to create a double repeated section:

1. Insert a content control in a template and enter the following function in content control properties:

GroupBy(ReportItems; "ContentType")

2. Insert a table inside the content control area.

3. Select the table, insert a content control and enter the following function in content control properties:

TakeColumnsFromView(GroupItems; IF(GroupTitle = "DocumentCT1"; "ViewForDocumentCT1"; GroupTitle = "DocumentCT2"; "ViewForDocumentCT2"; GroupTitle = "DocumentCT3"; "ViewForDocumentCT3"; "CustomView"))

The result:

As you can see, column values are grouped by the content type. In case JungleDocs finds no matching values in the If function, it will return columns from the Custom view.

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