OrderBy function

This article describes the formula syntax and usage of the OrderBy function in JungleDocs.


Orders recordSet items by fieldName values in ascending or descending direction.


OrderBy(recordSet; fieldName)

OrderBy(recordSet; fieldName; ascending)

OrderBy(recordSet; fieldName1; ascending1; fieldName2; ascending2)

OrderBy(recordSet; fieldName1; ascending1; fieldName2; ascending2; fieldname3; ascending3)

The OrderBy function syntax has the following arguments:

  • recordSet   Required. Any command that returns a list of items (e.g., GetView()).
  • fieldName   Required. The name of the field that you want to order recordSet by.
  • ascending    Optional. Values of true and false are supported.


  • Supports up to 3 fields.
  • Orders in ascending direction if ascending is true or in descending direction if ascending is false.


OrderBy(ReportItems; "Modified"; false)

Orders report items by Modified date – newest on top. 

OrderBy(GetView("Tasks"; "AllItems"); "Order")

Orders tasks by SharePoint system column Order. 

OrderBy(GetView("Tasks"; "AllItems"); "Priority"; true; "Order")

Orders tasks by priority then by SharePoint system column Order. 

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