Activating features

Applies to JungleDocs for SharePoint 2010-2019.
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After you install JungleDocs, you need to activate its features: EnovaPoint JungleDocs Core and EnovaPoint JungleDocs. This tutorial will guide you through the required steps.

EnovaPoint JungleDocs Core (site collection feature)

This feature provides JungleDocs configuration required for JungleDocs functionality on this site collection.

To activate the feature

1. Log in to the site in the SharePoint site collection using a site collection administrator account.

2. Go to Site Actions > Site Settings > Site Collection Administration > Site Collection features.

3. Locate  EnovaPoint JungleDocs Core feature and click Activate.

EnovaPoint JungleDocs (site feature)

This feature enables JungleDocs rule management for a particular site's list content types. It also adds quick launch buttons in the ribbon and contextual menu.

To activate the feature

  1. Go to Site Actions > Site SettingsManage site features.
  2. Locate EnovaPoint JungleDocs and click Activate.


You must repeat these steps for each subsite on which you plan to use JungleDocs.

After activation

After you finish activating the features, you will see a new button in the ribbon.

You will also see a new command in the contextual menu.

Finally, you will find the JungleDocs rules link in the list settings. This link will direct you to a page where you can manage all the rules for this list.

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